Joint Venture

If you have a viable real estate project, we invite you to contact our office to discuss the possibility of a Joint Venture, Limited Partnership or Equity Participation.  We understand that not everyone has the experience or capital to make the project feasible on their own, that’s why we firmly believe in building relationships and can help you to pursuit your project.


Pursuit Capital Corp. focuses on properties that have unique market appeal and are located in urban centers in British Columbia. We take the security of our investors capital very seriously and ensure that each mortgage is backed by real property. Every loan application for private lending is put through a rigorous due diligence process and we always personally inspect each property and meet every borrower.

Strategic Alliances

Pursuit Capital Corp. believes in the power of numbers and works consistently with several alliances in various fields of commercial real estate financing.  Let us make the introduction to the right professional for your commercial real estate project.

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Pursuit Capital Corp. has experience financing all types of commercial property. View our recently funded private & institutional properties.

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view all recent transactions